Nebuley™ Handheld Portable Nebulizer

Pocket-sized premium Nebuley handheld nebulizer that uses latest ultrasonic technology to aid inadequate and thorough inhalation of various sorts of respiratory medications.

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Top Features

Our premium handheld nebulizer is packed with handy features to make your life easier.

Portable Design

Use this handheld, lightweight nebulizer anywhere, anytime. It can be used at home or easily be carried with you on a trip.

Two Power Sources

To ensure you never run out of power, Nebuley supports both USB Type C charging and 2xAA batteries.

One Button Power Control

You can adjust the mist spray to meet custom nebulization demands whenever you want with simple one-button control.

Clear Indication Light

The Nebulizer text written will start to glow when the device is turned on to easily let you know that it's working.

Compact Size

Say no to bulky nebulizers that require tubing and constant power supply. Nebuley is the small nebulizer for you!

Quiet Operation

Don't disturb others while taking your medication with this ultra-quiet nebulizer with less than 30dB noise level. It can be used with pets or kids in the room

Suitable for All Ages

You don’t need to buy separate nebulizers for people of varying age. Our Nebuley premium nebulizer is suitable for all ages.

Adult Mask

Child Mask


See What Others Are Saying About Nebuley

Don’t just take our words before getting yourself a Nebuley nebulizer. Take a look at how customers have rated us.

I’ve tried a variety of nebulizers over the years as an Asthma sufferer. Let me tell you, it is truly a pain to bring around a regular nebulizer so an inhaler has been my only option (which I don’t like). I was really excited to try Nebuley out. It’s a game changer! The treatment only takes 5 minutes and there’s not a bunch of annoying parts. Five stars across the board.


Nebuley nebulizer is perfect for kids. I bought this for my poor 3 year-old that suffers from reactive airway disease. It’s hard to get him to sit through a regular nebulizer treatment as I’m sure he hates the sound. He loves this one! If you have young kids, this is the perfect solution.


Nebuley™ Portable Nebulizer

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Our premium Nebuley handheld nebulizer uses latest ultrasonic technology to aid inadequate and thorough inhalation of various sorts of respiratory medications. This pocket-size portable nebulizer converts the drug into an aerosol mist, which has the ability to reach deep into the lungs allowing maximum absorption. The portable mesh nebulizer delivers even and fine mist with constant and mild atomization rate allowing minimum wastage of medicines when breathed out.
  • Convenient to carry
  • Medicine cup buckle
  • Non-slip back cover
  • Type C USB power supply
  • Easy to access battery compartment
  • Clear indication light

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